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Suburban News August 2022


While we experience some of the negatives of the current higher interest rates environment, maybe we are also witnessing one of the more important recoveries in the housing markets: the recovery of some inventory levels. The extreme imbalances in many areas around the country and the world between supply and demand have been one of the key drivers of inflation. In many parts, we have seen unrealistic, irrationally exuberant double-digit price escalations in a very short period of time. This is unsustainable.


Suburban News July 2022


There has been a meaningful slowdown in buyer demand. We are experiencing a reset for a more balanced market. In a balanced market; buyers tend to place reasonable offers on homes and sellers tend to accept them. Homes remain on the market for a moderate amount of time (typically 4-6 months) neither lagging for months nor getting snapped up in mere hours or days.


Suburban News June 2022


The market has shifted from irrational to more rational. The slowdown means the Fed's rate hikes are working, cooling demand in an overheated market. JP Morgan reported inflation is now peaking and expects it to decelerate through the rest of 2022. The risk is that Fed policy is too aggressive in aiding that along, resulting in economic growth slowing too abruptly and tipping the economy into a recession (when there is less demand and then the prices for everything will come down). If we follow historic trends, real estate continues to be a good hedge against inflation as property values over time stay on a steady upward curve.


Suburban News May 2022


This is the strongest real estate market we have ever seen. Homes are going on and off the market in a few days with multiple offers. Homes are getting 50 showings and 25 offers within 24-72 hours of going on the market. Listing agents are pricing homes lower with the expectation of a bidding war. Bidding wars are escalating prices to all time highs.


Suburban Real Estate News April 2022


Will it ever get warm. For some reason this year, it feels it is taking forever to finally feel like Spring. In the housing market, what typically is the busiest buying season “spring market” started in January and is not showing signs yet of cooling off.


Suburban Real Estate News March 2022


When I think of this past month 2 things jump out at me. The pace of the market and interest rates are finally on the rise. The speed at which deals are closing is at rate I have never seen. Most homes are going live to contract status within a week. This is giving agents very little time to do their due diligence to be able to check municipals. The landscape is so competitive that buyers are doing anything to win the bid; waiving inspections, paying cash, removing financing contingencies, closing late, closing early and giving shutdown offer prices hundreds over ask. The rates are climbing quicker than expected and buyers are now able to afford less. This will have a trickle-down effect on pricing, but for this month we have not felt that slow down just yet.


Suburban Real Estate News February 2022


The housing market is on fire. In fact, it hasn't been this strong since the pre-Global Financial Crisis period. Inventory levels are at all-time lows and buyer demand is accelerating. Rising interest rates are creating buyer panic and fueling bidding wars. We have seen bidding wars on excess of 20% over ask with no financing contingencies to win bids. Buyers are not waiting for the weekend to see homes anymore, they visit on the listing date. They make sizable offers immediately in an effort to prevent a bidding war. Buyers are getting creative with their bids.


Welcome to the JANUARY edition of Suburban Real Estate News


2021 the year that inflation reared its ugly head. Nearly everything in 2021 cost more than 2020, not just real estate. While supply-chain disruptions, labor shortages and fiscal stimulus have all been blamed for the rise in short-term inflation, another long-term force is de-globalization. As for real estate, housing bulls on Wall Street argue that this is an upturn that could last for a decade.

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